Landwehr service Medal 2nd class 1913


WW1 Imperial German Prussian Landwehr Long Service Award 2nd Class 1913-20

The new form of the Landwehr service award 2nd class in medal form was founded on July 4, 1913 by King and Kaiser Wilhelm II.
This award replaced the service award of 1842 that had been awarded until then.
The Landwehr service award was awarded to all officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers who transferred from the Landwehr 2nd contingent to the Landsturm.
In the case of special achievements or merits, the award could already be given by the Landwehr.
After the foundation of the 1st class, the entry requirements were probably added.
Now being called up for active service for at least 3 months or taking part in a campaign was also a possible prerequisite for the Landwehr service award.
Whether the 3 months of active service or participation in a military campaign had to be completed in addition to the required service is controversially discussed.
A total service period of 12 years results for the transition to the Landsturm.
These consist of 3 years active service, 4 years in the reserve/state of leave and 5 years in the Landwehr.

Round copper medal with a rim, a soldered eyelet with a ribbon ring at the top.