Fraulein Doktor Fanny Stang


Dr Stang s early autobiography unfolds in starving Vienna immediately following the First World War. Hardships gradually abate and her family begins to enjoy the light-hearted prosperity of Austria s Utopian Social Democratic dream. Counter-pointing the atmosphere of carnival and glittering balls are two more serious themes. The personal struggles that a young girl has to be accepted by her family and colleagues as a dedicated medical student, and the developing political struggle which eventually results in the terror and disaster of the Anschluss. Dr Stang gives us a deeply moving but vividly unsentimental account of a young girl s professional aspirations and determination pitted against the threatening sweep of a fearful and inexorable history.

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PublisherBook The Book Guild LTD
Publication Year1988
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Book TitleFraulein Doktor
AuthorFanny Stang
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