An  interview with Paul Woodbourne  with his ww2 kubelwagen type 82 V by Stephen Harper

By Stephen Harper::

Volkswagen Kübelwagen Type 82 1943 Walk-Around. Genuine original Volkswagen Kübelwagen of 1942 Typ 82 Tropen (Tropical) Funkwagen (Radio car) coded “Fu”, which received a new bodywork and larger engine (1134 cc) in 1943 in Wolfsburg (KdF Factory in Germany) after returning from North Africa with mine damage on the front suspensions – Redelivered to the Wehrmacht for the Italian front in 1943 still as Funkwagen (Radio car) and remained in Italy till 1945, registered in Switzerland in 1946 and driven till 1963 in Bern area, stored in 1963 till 2000, then undergoing restoration in Marpingen (Sankt Wendl) Germany by Patrick Stoll – back on the road in 2004 till 2009 stored again till 2015 after several electrical problems, and back in service in 2017 (short period & again electrical problems) and now back on the road again (Jan 1st 2020) To all German Vehicle collectors : please do not make / copy / repeat the mistake of several collectors !!! PLEASE DO NOT PAINT RIMS IN SEVERAL COLORS / NO CAMO PAINT ON RIMS !! as per German Wehrmacht Vorschriften : Genormte Anstrich Vorschriften !! – Painting the rims in several colors was forbidden by the OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht) for all vehicles ! Which is very logical ! Otherwise the vehicle become more visible due to camo paint on the rims in movement. In some pictures grease leaks on the rims may look like camo, and as usual sometimes, mistakes has been made, even by the Germans !!! So do not repeat it !